Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Violet Vednesday Again!

"Hello, my dahlings. It's me, Violet. Today ve'll read some viewer mail...

'Dear Violet Vednesday, you are amazing and gorgeous. Will you be my wife?' --Mahatma Coat

- Oh, thank you, MC! But, as a two-year-old, I plan to stay single for another year or so. Don't vorry, I vill keep your letter vith di other marriage proposals.

Here's another:

'Dear VV, what's your secret?' --Cue Rius

- CR, if I told you, it vouldn't be a secret. I give you a hint: peanut butter.

Now for my favorite part...Ugly Pug of di Veek!
See you next veek, my dahlings!"

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