Friday, January 29, 2010

The TODAY Cat Show

Meredith: "Coming up, my exclusive interview with Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on his controversial reaction during the President's State of the Union speech."

Matt: "But first, let's check to see what's coming up in TODAY's eight hour with Katty Griffin."

Ann: (I think it's pronounced 'Gifford.')

"HI GUYS!! I'm so overexcited today! 'Cause today our super special guest, The Great Kazan, is gonna teach me the right way to saw Hoda in half! Right, Hoda?! Hoda?! Has anyone seen Hoda?! Ho da mayo! Ho da phone! We got a Ho down!"

"Ugh. A lifetime career of hard-hitting journalism...gone in the blink of an eye."


  1. ay! she look just like my jamonita. so precious and gordita!

  2. I'm sure feline diabetis is really fun for the cat. You monsters HOW COULD YOU!

  3. Whatever you might claim, grossly obese cats do not maintain their cuteness. They are grotesque.